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  • Ultimate Luxury Nutmix

    Ultimate Luxury Nutmix


    California Almond Supreme

    California Almond Supreme


    Nut Müola

    Supernut Extravaganza Nut Müola.Chia Seeds + Cashews. Goji Berries + Delici


    Chocolate Cashews

    Awesome Chocolate Cashews. Milk Chocolate Perfection + Crunch This is Perf


    Golden Berries

    Size Doesn’t Matter. Golden Berries are Huge in Potassium + Iron & Large in


    Almond Flour

    Soft-Ground Almond Flour. 100% Organic Flour. Ground to perfection. This is


    Chia Seeds

    Kick-ass Chia. Seeds = Strength. Delicious Protein & Rich in Fibre. This is


This is Nuts

We like to live on the edge. We love to be true to ourselves. We love to eat truly good things, and live truly healthily.

We are This Is Nuts, and we make some of the finest health food products in the Nordics. We're on a journey to help people eat and live more healthily and engage in fun activities while eating well. Our range of nuts and Pantry Essentials like coconut flour and almond flour help you to live better by getting back to healthy basics. Almonds, Cashews, Hazelnuts and many other delicious nuts are availible for fast delivery here! Combining good nutritional values with extra delicious taste we've created our Nature’s Candy range that offers delicious healthy snacks like dark chocolate covered almonds and succulent organic goji berries.

Eat Better, Live Life Better.

Raw zucchini and almond pesto put a unique and healthy twist on this classic pasta dish!


Raw Zucchini Pasta with Cashew Sauce and Almond Pesto

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Who said a good treat needs sugar? These pecan and golden berry raw balls are naturally sweetened with dried fruit - delish!


Pecan and Golden Berry Raw Balls

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Try this gooey treat from our foodie team rider Jessica!




Chocolate Mud Cake with Wake Me Up Hazelnuts

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Sunshine Pie baked with love by our wonderful rawfood expert Anna.



Sunshine Pie with Golden Berries

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Super Food Salad

Super Food Salad - A kick-ass lunch that will keep your energy levels high throughout the day!

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Jessica Bergström - This Is Nuts Teamrider

Jessica Bergström driver caféet Lilla Ekot på Riddargatan i Stockholm och är This Is Nuts nya teamrider. Read More

NASCAR i Nashville och historien bakom Race Nut!

Alx Danielsson tävlade nyligen som enda svensk i NASCAR i Nashville. Men det var ett lopp som kunde ha slutat illa... Read More

Are you an everyday athlete?

Compete to win an amazing week with us at Kook Proofs and This is Nuts Activity Camp! To promote all the Everyday Athletes out there we would like to give you the opportunity to win one week of amazing fun in the sun! Read More

How to eat nuts like a yoga pro

You don’t have to be yoga pro to enjoy our nuts. But if you like to try, here are three delicious tips on how to do it. Try Almond Vriksasana, Pistachio parivrtta trikonasana and Cashew Bakasana. Read More